Sabtu, 11 Januari 2014

play plaid

play plaid ! hola guys, btw i just want to remind y'all to make a sure that you press the follow buttonreally, i don't mind to force you but i need your support, such an honor to have many followers, i hope :) if you want me to followback your blog, just tell me :)

so, enjoy !

selfie #1

selfie #2

selfie #3 haha >,<"

look at the picture below, my waist looks really small, yups, when my sister takes this pict, i'm not intentional want to make my waist look smaller. but maybe it's just an angle management haha, i hope one day i have waist smaller than now, but i really love eat, oh it's complicated >,<''

bowler hat: FOREVER 21 / daisy necklace: TOPSHOP / plaid dress : NEW LOOK / cat bag: clothesap lace sock : TOPSHOP / red mary jane heels : ZARA 

see yaaa ! left comment below ^o^9